"Art is in the eye of the beholder."

About Martin Svaneborg

Martin started dancing at the relatively late age of nineteen. It was his third year in College (Gymnasiet). He had already done a bit of acting and singing for four years. He had mostly sung classical and studying as a singer with the esteemed for Opera singer, Birgit Bastian. However then Michael Jackson released the HIStory album and that was it. He had to learn the Moonwalk.

This new love of dance combined with a pre-love of Singing and Acting inevitably lead to a career in musical theatre. He was accepted into The Performing Arts School in Gothenburg in 1998 and from then on never looked back.

After some years as a musical theatre freelance performer doing roles like The Emcee in the musical Cabaret and Eugene in Grease, in 2004 he co-founded Sceneindgangen.dk Dance Studio in Copenhagen along side choreographer, Jenny Major and have since then helped young and old onto their way with a life filled with the joys of dance

Martin Svaneborg
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